I have been life laundering now for the past week or so, gradually clearing out my old room in my parents’ house of secondary school text books, old birthday cards, piles of odd socks, painfully embarrassing photos and yesterday’s find, a good six or seven years worth of receipts.

I have always kept receipts, piles and piles of them. They are the ultimate hoarders worst enemy. ‘But what if I need them? They might be important? Maybe in five years time it’ll be fun to look back and see what I bought in Sainsbury’s on the 7th of October 2009.’ Up until now, I am ashamed to say, that has always been me. Yesterday evening however, in a brief moment of spontaneity, possibly brought on by excessive dust inhalation and childhood reminiscing, I cast the whole lot onto the flames. I’m all for recycling but I figured these probably have all sorts of details that perhaps shouldn’t be left lying around… that, and watching them burn really did feel unbelievably good.


Love is a box of vegetables

A few years ago my Mother told me that when I was little, every Christmas, I would copy out the pink page of the Argos catalogue before optimistically casting my list into the flames, hoping that Santa might read it and bring me something with Barbie in the title. Of course, in reality, I didn’t really want the entire pre-teen section of the laminated book of dreams ( but at the tender age of seven my creative imagination wasn’t quite what it is now and my wonderfully observant Mother was clearly wise to this and needless to say, thankfully, my stocking was never filled with piles of pink paraphernalia.

Years later, it is a gift she has not lost. Earlier today I was aimlessly window shopping in the summer sales for more shoes or dresses or sunglasses that I didn’t need  but when I came home, empty handed and Mum presented me with this box, I realised she’d done it again. This was what I really wanted. Who needs yet another pair of flip flops when you’ve got a whole box filled with fresh strawberries, locally grown asparagus and a bag of giant, dark chocolate buttons?

Tea with jam and bread

I did not want to get up this morning. However, I had already arranged to meet a friend for breakfast so, fifteen minutes before I was due to get the bus, I rolled out of bed, into my clothes and out of my front door. I was tired and hungry, so when I got a message from my friend saying that she could no longer make it, I decided that rather than wasting my early morning, I would head into town anyway and treat myself to breakfast.

I found my way through the torrential downpour to one of my favourite little cafes in Bath, The Metropolitan, and sat down to a hot cup of tea and a plate of toast and jam… Breakfast. Of. Kings. Specifically, I don’t know if it was the weather, the fact that I’d only had six hours sleep or perhaps it really was just that amazing but the jam that I ate this morning, I am pretty certain, is best jam in the world.


Photos from The Sunday Sessions #2

At about half past seven yesterday evening, my doorbell rang and there on the step, smiling up at me from underneath a bright green frog umbrella, clutching a collection of instruments in all shapes and sizes, were several very soggy musicians…

The second Sunday Sessions secret gig took place in Bath last night in a new space, with a bigger audience and this time, played host to two amazing, new artists.

Once again there was tea and brownies and lots of flapjack, as well as a few cheeky beers by the end of the night! This time the audience gathered in my sitting room and, sprawled across various beanbags and sofas, watched as the delightfully down to earth and supremely talented, Lora Wilbekingsoon (and Richard Deux, featuring on guitar and vocals) performed a selection of original songs, as well as one or two covers.

Thank you so much to both Lora and Richard and indeed to everyone who attended last night’s session. It was an amazing night. Bring on the next one!

As before, you will shortly be able to watch the official version of the gig, an acoustic six-song session, right here on Lovely Things (although the live audience were invited to stay for a few extra bonus tracks after the camera was switched off!) and there are a few photos from the evening posted below… which sadly are a little grainy due to the last minute lighting as the gig was originally supposed to be happening outside but the great British Summer being what it is, it was of course raining so we moved inside instead!

If you would like to be a part of the audience for the next Sunday Sessions secret gig then please email to get onto the mailing list or subscribe to Lovely Things for blog notifications and updates about when the next of the Sunday Sessions is going to be held.

Whole lot a lovely…

Today was one of those wonderful lazy productive days where time seems to go at your pace for once and you arrive at the end of the day expecting to feel like you have done very little but realise that you have actually done rather a lot.

My best friend and I spent the afternoon wandering through Bath, eating organic take away, rummaging in health food shops, drinking divine tea and coffee and finally baking a batch of flapjack whilst enjoying a glass of port. Not the sort of day we could repeat on too much of a regular basis due to a certain lack of funds but for today at least, it really was just lovely.