Photographs from The Sunday Sessions with Kirsty Folan

Last night the fabulous Kirsty Folan, in her subtle storytelleresque style, casually donned a nearby trilby and stepped up to The Sunday Sessions stage to play a beautiful set that included both covers and some of Kirsty’s own original material.

A night of magical music, lovely people, a few new faces (which is always a pleasure) and, as always, brownies, flapjack and several gallons of tea. Thank you to all those who came and of course to Kirsty for providing such a wonderful evening’s entertainment! As always, the film will be up soon but until then, here are a few photographs to keep you going…

The Sunday Sessions Summer Tour with Matt Chanarin

Back in the Summer, The Sunday Sessions went on a mini tour and I am delighted to at last be able to present the film from the final event which took place on a canal boat in the Oxfordshire countryside. You can have a look at the pictures from the day here but if you are starting to miss the warm weather or are fed up with those seasonal sniffles that arrived three weeks ago and still have’t shifted… this’ll bring you a bit of sunshine. Enjoy.

Twenty Seven

Folded for the evening in my favourite family chair
Switching on while switching off I let my mind run bare
Three hours I think have almost passed and I have hardly shifted
But returning to reality my mood has not much lifted
If anything it’s slipping like my body down this seat
The feeling fills up backwards from my head down to my feet
But logic plays a tricky game that time I know can master
If I stop counting seconds then the minutes will go faster
For somehow twenty-seven months has turned into nineteen
The first date I was waiting for’s already passed and been
One term of school, just half a year, no measurement is wrong
But twenty-seven weeks to wait is really not that long.

How to make your own knickers!

I’ve always loved sewing and do a lot of hand stitching of various vintage garments but beyond a bit of back stitch and replacing the odd button, I really don’t know a lot. So, this morning, I headed off to The Makery in Bath, to learn how to make my own knickers. The class was three hours long with the promise that by the end you would not only have a pair of beautiful knickers but also the knowledge needed to go home and make your own!

I had such a lovely morning and can’t wait to make my next pair. I just about managed to get the hang of the elastic which pinged me in the face at least three times throughout the course of the workshop but I’ll let you judge for yourself whether or not my first attempt was successful…

If you’re at all crafty and live anywhere near Bath, check this place out, it is wonderful  The Makery Online | Craft and Sewing Workshops Bath | Hen Parties | Childrens Parties