Bertinet, bunny and buses… lots of buses.

Coffee and chats with my favourite three year old…

photo (41)


Is that what you’d like?


photo (40)

Hot tea?

Hot coffee.

Mama drink hot tea…

Well Anna drink hot coffee.


photo (39)

Purple bus!? Look Anna, purple bus!

Yes Oli, purple bus… shall we read a book now?

Blue bus!?

(I took a small boy who loves buses to the cafe next to the bus station… an hour later I had learnt my lesson.)

Window to the Lake District

Last week we had a ‘Reading Week’ at university so I snuck away to the Lake District with my parents for a few days, on the trail of Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons. Despite my poor Mother being stuck in bed with flu the entire time, it was, all in all, the perfect week.


I really did have lots of reading to do but with a wood burning stove and an uninterrupted view over the lake to the hills beyond, I was happy to snuggle up by the fire with a pile of blankets and a cup of tea and read about the woes of women in the 17th century.

photo (38)

I got out for a walk or two every day, went in search of Wildcat Island and even managed to find some tolerable gluten-free pasta in Coniston Co-op. The whole town was beautifully quiet and calm and indeed, covered in snow for half the time that we were there. I can’t help but feel it would be a somewhat different experience to be there in the Summer but as a one-off Winter week away it really was idyllic.