Sunshine, lambs and banana cake

For the last year I have been looking after the loveliest little two, well… now three year old, who lives in Bath with his Mother. I will be so very sad to leave them both as I have loved getting to know their wonderful little family and will truly miss the excitement of purple buses, the standard order of a babycino, Bunny, the magic of trains, the endless slides and of course I’ll also miss late night chats about boys, tea on the sofa, Tigerlilly and so many other lovely things.

My last week in Bath was spent packing and organising and tying up lose ends… but I am so glad that I got the chance for a last day out with my adopted Bath family and what better way to spend it than walking in the sunshine through grassy fields full of goats and lambs. Then, to top it all off, a slice of home-made banana cake… just beautiful. I will miss you both very much.

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