A story of six months or so

It was almost six months ago now that I last wrote of snuggling up in my cosy corner of London, missing my boy and hiding a little from life, beneath my covers.

Many, many, many things have changed since that day. Wonderful things. Things that I had been imagining for so long and yet, even now that many of them have happened, still seem unimaginable.

Perhaps pictures will tell my story better. One day soon my words will return but in recent months I seem to have spent so much time gasping, grinning, laughing out loud, that my words aren’t always getting through. They’ll be back. But for now…


Naps with Mary

Weekends are long and busy at the moment so more often than not my Mondays turn into Sundays with late breakfasts, lots of tea and the occasional afternoon nap. Today, with my cat back home in Oxfordshire and my boy still away in Africa, it falls to Mary bear to keep me company on this sleepy Sunday/Monday afternoon.

I’m turning twenty five this week… and I still sleep better knowing there’s a bear in bed with me.

Naps with Mary

The alternative tea chest

This weekend a friend of mine arrived for our flat warming party and with her she brought one of the most thoughtful and lovingly crafted gifts I think I have ever had the pleasure to receive. This lovely friend has recently started working for a big supermarket and over the past few weeks had collected up every box of fruit, black and herbal tea that had been rejected from the shelves because of a small rip, or dent, or mark on the packaging… the result was a beautifully schmushed up box of delights and inside was everything from peppermint to dragon fruit, all packed up with love in a big pink box. An undeniably Lovely Thing.

Zoe's tea box

Look up

Last week I asked Lovely followers to take a moment to ‘look up’. Originally this was intended to draw attention to the glorious autumn skies that we so often forget to remember this time of year. Happily, people took the brief into their own hands and I received not only golden sunsets and cloudy skies but gilded theatre ceilings and sparkling city street lights… observe.

Sorting out and looking up…

Well now that’s better… Lovely Things has been more than a bit neglected over the past few months. In fairness I was a little busy graduating and moving house and flying to Ghana and then trying to persuade the American government to give me a visa but all that’s done now! And for those of you who missed my last post, I have just spent the last month going up and down to London trying to find a job and a house and all that sort of thing and happily, I can now say that that’s all done too! There was a great deal of doing make-up on trains and packing and unpacking of boxes and who knows how many million emails were sent but on Tuesday morning I move into a lovely little London flat, the following week I start rehearsals for my first professional acting gig and… well, after that who knows!

Anyway, I thought the blog needed a bit of a bit of love and attention. It was covered in virtual cobwebs and there was definitely a mouse living in one of the drop down menus. So I’ve spruced it all up with a nice new Autumnal background and I cannot wait to start looking for more Lovely Things to share. Speaking of which, the background photograph is one I took in Bath around this time last year. I love looking up at the moment, the skies and the sunsets and the trees and their branches just look so beautiful this time of year.  So I thought, for my first order of business, I would open up Lovely Things to my lovely readers and ask you to send in a photograph…

‘Look up’ is the brief. Send your photographs to wholelotalovelypost@gmail.com by Saturday 9th November giving your name and a few details about the photo and next Sunday I will post them all up together.

It’s nice to be back… now go take pictures of the sky!

Sunshine soup, Spring flowers and early Easter eggs

I think I have been busy since as far back as I can remember. Busy and in recent years, stressed. In a way, I like being both of these things… even if one of them means that I can’t eat bread or cheese without looking mildly pregnant and the other that I sometimes realise that it’s been a week since I last washed my hair, or that the bins should have gone out the night before, or that the season has completely changed without me even realising it. All of these things have happened to me recently but the arrival of Spring is one of my favourite times of the year… and this year I almost missed it.

Endless emails and finals and plans for the future have been my world for the last few months, and soon it’ll be Easter when my boy will be back from lands afar for a few weeks. So, before I have eyes only for him, here are a few Lovely Things I have caught a glimpse of this week…

Photo 05-03-2013 10 41 11 AMPhoto 05-03-2013 12 38 55 PMPhoto 05-03-2013 10 48 52 AMPhoto 06-03-2013 03 25 31 PM

Bertinet, bunny and buses… lots of buses.

Coffee and chats with my favourite three year old…

photo (41)


Is that what you’d like?


photo (40)

Hot tea?

Hot coffee.

Mama drink hot tea…

Well Anna drink hot coffee.


photo (39)

Purple bus!? Look Anna, purple bus!

Yes Oli, purple bus… shall we read a book now?

Blue bus!?

(I took a small boy who loves buses to the cafe next to the bus station… an hour later I had learnt my lesson.)