The Sunday Sessions film with Kirsty Folan

Here it is, finally, the film from Kirsty Folan’s Sunday Session. I’m sorry that it’s taken so long to upload but please have a look and you’ll see it was worth the wait! If you missed the photographs from Kirsty’s performance then those can be found here.

This film is dedicated to Laura. Enjoy.

The Sunday Sessions film featuring original music and lyric poetry from Cut to the Corps

For those of you who thought I couldn’t possibly find another way to promote/blog/bang on about this experience any more… you were wrong! Here it is, the long awaited video from the live recording of Cut to the Corps.

If you’re new to my site and haven’t heard anything about this project yet then please do have a look at the Cut to the Corps section of Lovely Things to get the full story. There you will find more information about the project and its process, pictures, feedback and a  link to a site where you can listen to one of the tracks from the album as well as buy your own copy.

But if all that still isn’t enough for you, here’s the video of a couple of tracks that we recorded as part of The Sunday Sessions. Enjoy.

Photographs from The Sunday Sessions with Kirsty Folan

Last night the fabulous Kirsty Folan, in her subtle storytelleresque style, casually donned a nearby trilby and stepped up to The Sunday Sessions stage to play a beautiful set that included both covers and some of Kirsty’s own original material.

A night of magical music, lovely people, a few new faces (which is always a pleasure) and, as always, brownies, flapjack and several gallons of tea. Thank you to all those who came and of course to Kirsty for providing such a wonderful evening’s entertainment! As always, the film will be up soon but until then, here are a few photographs to keep you going…

The Sunday Sessions Summer Tour with Matt Chanarin

Back in the Summer, The Sunday Sessions went on a mini tour and I am delighted to at last be able to present the film from the final event which took place on a canal boat in the Oxfordshire countryside. You can have a look at the pictures from the day here but if you are starting to miss the warm weather or are fed up with those seasonal sniffles that arrived three weeks ago and still have’t shifted… this’ll bring you a bit of sunshine. Enjoy.

The Sunday Sessions – Photographs from an evening of ‘Cut to the Corps’

Yesterday evening saw the first in the series of the Bath Autumn Sunday Sessions, as audience members braved the several hundred steps up to my tiny little flat and piled into my bedroom where they were plied with tea and brownies before settling down for the poetry performance preview of Cut to the Corps.

I started writing this collection of poetry back in January after my boyfriend left to go and work in Ghana for two years with American Government organisation, The Peace Corps. Four months and twenty poems later, my friend Bruce and I came up with the idea of putting the whole collection to music which we would ultimately record and give to Paul, my boyfriend, when I went out to Africa to visit him in the Summer. Read more about the process here at

The development of this project has been a creative journey that I don’t think either myself or Bruce could have ever anticipated and it really was wonderful to share it for the first time last night, especially with such an open and appreciative audience. There are only a few photos from the evening and a whole collection of videos that I will edit and put together as soon as I can get hold of them but for now, what I do have is posted below.

We are currently in the final stages of putting together a CD of Cut to the Corps. This will include all of the original poems that we recorded plus a few bonus tracks and a printed booklet containing all of the words as well as a few photographs and some illustrations done by Paul after he heard the original collection back in the Summer.


Heyford – The Sunday Sessions Summer Tour Photographs

Last weekend saw the final stop on The Sunday Sessions Summer Tour which took place, not in the city of Oxford as originally advertised, but on a canal boat in the middle of the Oxfordshire countryside. So after a sleepy morning start to what turned out to be by far the most chilled out Sunday Session to date, having prepared the standard set up of bunting, brownies and flapjacks, I headed off to the boat where our audience gradually arrived until we were finally a party of eleven plus Inka, a twelve week old puppy who also came along for the ride.

We all motored off down the canal and after about half an hour, moored the boat in a quiet little spot surrounded by nothing but birds and trees and the occasional passing train. The next few hours were filled with bananagrams, beer and beautiful music that went on late into the afternoon and then the early evening as the sun shone through, leaving people to pass the guitar around, fall asleep on the roof or attempt to play hacky sack on the tow path. A huge thank you to Matt Chanarin, Evan McGregor and everyone else who played, for making it such a lovely day. For those who weren’t able to make it… although to be honest, we couldn’t have fitted many more onto the roof, the video will be up soon but until then here are a few pictures of how the day went down.


Stourbridge – Sunday Sessions Summer Tour Photos

Last Sunday, I left a gloomy, grey, rainy Bath and jumped on a train to sunny Stourbridge, heading for the house of my lovely friend and flatmate, Lucie and the first stop on The Sunday Sessions Summer Tour. After a delicious meal made for us by Lucie’s family, Lu and I set to work preparing the standard selection of brownies and flapjacks and decking the place out with as many fairy lights, candles and cake stands as we could lay our hands on.

Jeremy Fallowfield, Nick Rodham, Lucie Priscott and Mike Bolstridge provided the evening’s entertainment, playing a vast array of acoustic delights to the slightly chilly but incredibly appreciative audience who warmed themselves up with wine and toasted marshmallows as the evening went on. And what a wonderful evening it was. A lovely way to start the tour with clear skies, the most welcoming hosts I could have wished for and of course, some really great live music. Thank you to all those who came, it was a real pleasure to meet you all and thank you for being part of such a special event. The video will be up soon but until then… here are a few photos from the evening.