BEDTIME STORIES: Max & Sylvie and the big metal box

Last night my brain was just too busy to sleep. I was so tired but I couldn’t quite seem to slow myself down to the point of actually climbing into bed and sleeping. I wanted a distraction. Something to read. Something short, easy, that wasn’t about a creepy man or a scary noise or Sally the sleepy snake. I couldn’t find what I wanted to read, so instead I wrote my own story… or the first page of it anyway. It was enough to make me sleepy so perhaps, tonight, it will do the same for you.

Sweet dreams friends…

Max & Sylvie and the Big Metal Box

Sylvie squeaked a little as Max’s paws finally got a grip around the lid of the box. “You’re nearly in!” she squealed, excitedly, hopping from one foot to the other.
“Yeah, no thanks to you” muttered Max. The box gave a little creak as the corner that he had been working on snapped shut. “Ow!?” He dropped it on the floor. It made a terrible clanging sound.
“Careful!” shrieked Sylvie. “What did you do that for?”
“I didn’t do it on purpose” he huffed, pushing fur out of his eyes “my paws are all sweaty.”
“Let me have another go” said Sylvie, rolling up the sleeves of her dress.
“Oh please.” Max scoffed. “You can’t even lift it.”
“Can too.” Said Sylvie, frowning.
“Go on then.” Max lay back against the bean bag and put his paws behind his head, smiling. “She’s all yours.”
Sylvie sat down in front of the box and looked at it carefully. It was very old. She could tell because it was covered in rust and the paint was peeling off in places. She got up and walked all the way around it before sitting back down again, her head on one side.
“Are you going to open it with your mind?” asked Max.
Sylvie ignored him. “How old do you think it is?” she wondered aloud, flaking off a bit of paint from the lid of the box.
“Pretty old.”
“How can you tell? Maybe it just got wet. Left out in the rain or something.”
“No. It smells old.”
“What do you mean it smells old? I can’t smell anything. Oh…” Sylvie turned away feeling a little foolish.
“Exactly.” Said Max. “I, however, have an excellent sense of smell and I can tell you that whatever is inside that box has been in there a very long time.”
“Then we need to get it open!” said Sylvie, scrambling to her feet. “Come on, I’ll push, you pull.”
“Errrrgh.” Max rolled over onto his sizable tummy and pushed himself up onto his paws. Sylvie glared at him.
“On my count.” she said, throwing her plaits over her shoulders.
“Fine” said Max, walking over to the opposite side of the box. “But after this you owe me a sandwich.”
Again, Sylvie ignored him. “Ready? One… two… THREE!”