Vintage Vague

Welcome to Vintage Vague.

This is by no means an online shop, more of a gallery really. For a long time I have been a hoarder of beautiful bits and pieces. Vintage trawling is one of my favourite things to do but after several years and having filled a good three or four boxes, a stack of old suitcases and at least two wardrobes with my tattered treasures… I thought that it was perhaps time to start selling some of them on.

Below are pictures of some of the various bits and pieces that I’m selling. I’ve also started making one or two things from vintage fabrics and flotsam and jetsam that I’ve found floating about the place so some of those will be posted here too. I will be doing the odd market stall here and there which I will announce as and when so please do come along to those as there will be all sorts of things there to have a look at.

If you would like to enquire about any of the items below then please email for more information. I will post packages if necessary but obviously it’ll be cheaper if you can pick things up in person and a lot of the items are breakable so post is often not ideal. Happy treasure trawling!

Silver and china teacups and saucers £12

Small wooden flower tray £5

Set of six china bow napkin rings £10

Small vinyl records £1.50 each

Black wooden rose box £1.50 THIS ITEM HAS NOW BEEN SOLD

Silver and orange Art Deco tea cups and saucers £15 THESE ITEMS HAVE NOW BEEN SOLD

Cigarette tins £3 each, Oxo tin £4

China flower patterned plate £3

Blue enamel candlestick holder £5

Tiny children’s book £7

Deep china patterned bowl with stand £4

If you would like to enquire about any of the items above then please email for more information.


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